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Surveillance Systems

When it comes to your home one of your top priorities is security, and a home surveillance system is a must-have. Our surveillance system services will bring peace of mind and a new level of safety for your family.


We don’t just install a few security cameras. We install complete systems with multiple cameras and monitoring options. We also work to make sure your system is complete so all of your property is monitored, not just parts of it here and there.


We install a variety of equipment, including:


  • Wireless and Hardwired IP Cameras
  • Baby Monitor Cameras
  • Surveillance Monitors
  • Surveillance NVRs (Network Video Recorder)




Our technicians know how to carefully and discreetly mount cameras so they are hidden from view, but still give you complete surveillance options. We can also install cameras in view to help deter trespassers.


When you work with us, we’ll help you determine what kinds of cameras you need and where they should be placed for optimal safety. Our qualified technicians will tour your property with you to help you decide what areas need what type of surveillance, so your entire property is safe and secure.


Then, we’ll get to work installing your system, testing it and setting things up so your property’s surveillance video is streamed to a monitor or recorded on a NVR for later reference.


We are experienced in the wiring, installation, and programming that comes with creating comprehensive surveillance systems.


I personally visit each site to make sure each system is installed correctly and meets our customers’ expectations. It’s important to us that you are happy with your system and feel that it provides the highest level of safety for your home.


If you are considering installing a surveillance system, contact me for a free quote.