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Home Automation

With all the technology available, smart homes are a reality – and you can have one too. Imagine your blinds opening on their own at the same time every morning, your porch lights coming on automatically every night, or even the nightly news coming on every evening as you prepare dinner.



Home automation uses detailed programming and customized equipment to make your home perform certain tasks on its own and cater to your lifestyle and habits. People who follow consistent routines or who are often out of town but want to make sure their home still looks lived in, love home automation systems.


The “smart” aspect of a smart home means it can anticipate what your needs are and even make decisions, so it can help you be more energy efficient.


For example, if the motion detector notices no one is home, it can turn some lights off.  It can control your thermostat and even close blinds when the sun is shining through a window to keep your home cooler.




We can help you decide exactly what kinds of systems would work for you and how you can make your home more convenient and efficient.

We’ll start by determining how you use your home, lighting, media systems, blinds, air conditioning and other systems. We’ll ask what you want an automation system to accomplish or what kinds of issues you face with your home’s systems.

Then, we’ll create a plan that uses the latest technology to make things run automatically and make your house smarter. Next, we’ll take care of all the installation and programming for you. All you’ll have to do is decide what time you want your bedroom TV to automatically turn off and what music you want to wake up to!

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